July 12, 2012

Snap Stroller Review

A few nice words

Just sharing the L.O.V.E for the New Snap Stroller with you all (i.e. a Very In Depth Review of the Valco Baby Snap Stroller) from a verified customer on Amazon.com.

" ***** (5 stars) One of the best kept secrets in strollers June 28, 2012

 Where we live, only the most common strollers (Graco and Chicco travel systems, Jet and Ignite, a few Jeep models, super basic umbrellas, etc) are available in stores. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I have ordered, assembled, wheeled around the house, and returned no less than 10 lightweight strollers (after an unsuccessful go with a full-size Abiie model and a much less extensive round of ordering jogging models- in that department, we love our BOB Revolution). Even our UPS man commented, "Looks like you're still stroller shopping." Mortifying. I don't write many reviews, simply due to the fact that so many others have usually written and confirmed my sentiments for other shoppers - but I wish I'd had a detail Snap review; it might have saved us a lot of time!...

After several rounds of ordering ($120 or less; $200 or less; and not to exceed $300), I finally accepted that finding a stroller with the features I wanted would require entrusting a more expensive stroller to the airlines. I almost did not order the Valco Snap due to the lack of reviews. I was also not sure that a non-umbrella fold would be compact enough. The Snap turned out to be an amazing surprise! So far, it's been worth every penny. Fits the bill as a light travel stroller (though not totally minimalist by any means) AND works well as the everyday, go-to baby transport.

WEIGHT: It really is one of the lightest models we tried... easy to handle. I'm not strong and it's easy to lift with one hand.

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FOLD: Though not one-handed, it is a quick and easy two hand. You push in one button on the side and another on the handle bar. Once the collapse is in motion, you can grab with one hand and it folds in half effortlessly. I can do it without putting the baby down if necessary. I love that the seat is on the "inside" of the fold. The locking mechanism catches on it's own. Unfolding is also easy - you just pull the locking tab out and can pop the entire stroller up with one hand with minimal practice. The lock tab can sometimes catch to "relock" during opening, which requires unlatching it again - this is not a big deal once you are aware and make sure to avoid that issue.

FOLD SIZE: Obviously a different shape than umbrellas. However, I was pleased with how flat the Snap folds. Tires are EXTREMELY easy to remove. With tires off, this stroller easily fits behind the driver's seat of a small sedan. I personally think that the Snap's square, squat folded profile is easier to pack into small cars than the shape of a collapsed umbrella stroller. Stands on it's own when folded, although requires the handle to touch the ground.

OPEN SIZE: Very roomy and comfortable seat for the LO. Good support relative to many other lightweight models. At this weight, one of the roomiest seats. Nice and wide, good depth. The Snap's footprint is not as small as a traditional umbrella stroller, but this is not a deal breaker for us. It's like a Britax B-Agile or CityMini, maybe slightly smaller.

MANEUVERABILITY: EASY one-hand push - glides right along even loaded down with a full basket and heavy diaper bag hanging on the handle. The handle bar is pretty high, but the fact that it is one bar and not two handles makes it comfortable for a shorter or taller person (my husband is 6'2" and likes it). Tires are NOT air-filled, which is nice not to worry about a flat. I also love that you can lock the front tire in place for rougher terrain.

CANOPY: HUGE with peek-a-boo window.

RECLINE: Goes from sitting up almost straight to nearly flat. Strap recline mechanism is easy to use and seems like it will hold up. A decent size basket is also accessible when the seat if fully reclined. It is hard to recline the seat more than about half way with a diaper bag hanging on the handle bar. I have a huge JuJuBe bag (Be Prepared?), and it will fit under the seat with a little shoving.

Other notes: The child restraint is tricky enough to contain little escape artists, but not ridiculous for the parent to unlatch (two hands required). It took some fiddling to figure out the strap tightening adjustment for a smaller baby (easy to adjust shoulder strap height tho). The bumper bar is really nice - my baby loves laying back and resting her foot on it. Valco does not advertise that the Snap is car seat compatible, but I think the bar might hold an infant seat in a pinch. The cornflower blue is muted, but not dull - very pretty..."

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November 12, 2014

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