January 29, 2014

Valco Baby Snap Duo Review:

by a Loving Mom of 2

The Super Duper Lightweight Snap Duo/Dual is beginning to make waves in the USA for its juxtaposition of an ultra lightweight frame with a really great push.

Here's a real mom Review of why the Snap Duo stroller is the only stroller for a mother of two. "I just passed on an urge to stop a woman breaking a sweat pushing a double Maclaren stroller, and let her know that things can be easier with two babies.I say this, because with two children under the age of two, I’m myself looking for any life-hacks or real world solutions to getting through the day – in one piece. I feel compelled to share, because my life was literally transformed with the purchase of my sixth, and most recent stroller purchase. My salvation came to me, after a trip to Disney, where my husband took full responsibility of closing and putting my Shwinn double, in and out of the car, trolleys, and buses... I then attempted to lift it…GAME OVER. And so my hunt began for a double stroller that is light enough for me to lift, AND has working wheels. Kayla Kramer, of Lullaby Baby introduced me to the Valco Snap Dual. All my friends are busy comparing notes on the Uppababy’s, Bugaboo’s, and Bumbleride’s, and I’d never heard of, or even seen a Valco. It’s now more important to me than a real-live nanny: It gave me the ability to get around with my children…with EASE. You see, I admitted to myself long ago, that I make a better mother when we’re out of the house, and now, with the snap dual, it’s finally truly a joy.This stroller weights 21 lbs (the lightest double I know of), has a one hand fold and steering, a great five point harness my daughter can’t open, a full recline, wheels that move the weight… material that holds up and washes great…AND is a beauty. Oh, and I love that it folds with the seats inside, trapping any leftover snacks, and most importantly, keeping it clean when traveling.My go to unwinding activity is checking out Facebook and mom blog postings that went viral. From my generous friends who share the best of the web on their Facebook pages, I’ve learned everything from parenting tips, life hacks, and, most important to me, articles that make me feel validated in my hardest mom moments.For all of you writers out there, and sharers, with two little ones, this is one thing I have, to give back to you.Valco Snap DualIt’s a stroller I rarely see people using, and it literally makes me want to conquer more and more museums, zoos, supermarkets, and errands with my two under two in tow.This week I even went to a doctors visit for myself, with them and lived to tell the tale."

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