Care and Maintenance

Valco Baby strollers are built to the highest standards and meet or exceed safety standards in the countries they are sold in. (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, Russia and Canada). Use the guidelines outlined below to maintain your stroller in pristine condition:


Valco Baby fabrics are treated to withstand the day to day rigors of outdoor use. To clean your fabric, first brush off any loose dirt on the surface of the fabric then use warm water and a mild soap (not detergents or bleach) to finish cleaning and leave the stroller to dry. Usually the fabric can be cleaned adequately while on the stroller frame. If you do need to remove the fabric for a more thorough cleaning you can do so by removing the various straps & snaps from the frame. Please do not remove the harness system, backboard or straps from the fabrics for cleaning - wash in one piece.

Although our fabrics are treated to withstand the elements, excessive, extreme exposure to both rain and/or sun can cause fading. In order to prevent this, do not store the stroller outside in the sun.  If the fabric gets very wet, ensure you allow it to air-dry prior to folding it.


On most Valco Baby models, the frame is made of aluminum alloy but does include some metal parts. Special care must always be taken to avoid rust. If this pram is used near the ocean or salty air environments, spray the chassis and seat frame with water and dry thoroughly. This is particularly important for parts such as wheel spokes and springs. We recommend rust inhibiting product should be applied to prevent accelerated rust and fatigue of these metal parts!

We recommend that you wipe down axles and lubricate the wheels every 3 months, particularly the front wheel and housing. Sand and dirt can grind down axles so, if you live, walk or run near/on the beach or in a dusty environment, you must remove and wipe down the axles and wheels, then lubricate them monthly.

When lubricating your stroller please take care to use a SILICONE based lubricant (e.g a light coating of vaseline). Oil based products will grind down the axles!


Many Valco Baby models are equipped with air tires. Just like a car or bike, punctures can occur. An  inner tube or bicycle tire repair kit may be all you need to seal the puncture. If need be, tubes can be purchased from your local retailer or contact us at (USA) 800 610 7850 or email Tubes are not covered under warranty.

In order to assure a smooth, easy and consistent ride especially when using a toddler seat, tire pressure should be between  25 – 30 psi.