1. I need to pump up my tires. can i go to a gas station and use the air pump there?

We recommend using a hand pump for your tires. The air pump at a gas station will most likely pop the tire causing ireeperable damage.

2. My Tire is Flat. Do I need to buy a new one?

Most likely a new inner tube is needed as it means that you have a puncture

3. Why should I use a side by side double stroller?

Side by Side Double strollers are known to have a far superior push to tandem Double Strollers. With a side by side stroller the weight of the children are distributed to provide the ultimate ride for seated babies. It also provides the most spacious, comfortable ride for kids of all ages, not to mention visibility and room for extended hood coverage. And oh, of course, sibling interaction!

4. My older child likes to sit up real straight, can your strollers accommodate him?

Yes. All of our strollers have an unlimited recline system that goes from full recline to completely upright; with a supportive backboard to boot! Our strollers are popular with the older toddler sect who love to take in their surroundings from the best seat in the house.

5. Do I need a bassinet to use the strollers with an infant?

All of our Single & Twin stroller have a full infant recline system and can be used from newborn and beyond. When placing the infant directly in the seat we do recommend using an Infant Head Hugger (included with Tri Mode series) for extra head support. e.g. The Valco Baby Universal All Sorts Seat Pad & Head Hugger Set.

Many of our models also have a compatible Bassinet and/or Car Seat Adapter option.

6. Do your strollers use a bucket or full torso recline system?

All of our strollers have an unlimited position 'one touch' recline system that allows the baby to lie completely flat. This system is generally referred to as a "full torso" recline and is appropriate from infant and beyond. 

The alternate "bucket recline" moves the whole seat back in limited positions but keeps the baby in the shape of the exisitng seat - usually a "v" shape. The bucket recline is generally not recommended for young infant and can usually be used from about 6 months and older. 

7. Are any of your strollers conducive to travel?

Nearly every stroller can potentially be taken on trips - it depends on your requirements for the trip. If you are taking a car trip to a trail, a stroller with Air Tires (though bigger and heavier) might fit well in the car and tackle the trrrain best. While if heading on a plane a super lightweight, full featured, compact fold stroller is the way to go!  

Our lightweight Snap4 & Snap Duo strollers are probably the 'ultimate' travel strollers. This range features a compact fold with handy carry strap for parents as well as all the convenient features for baby; infant recline, full coverage canopy, smooth push & more. There are also All Terrain Wheels available for this range in case your trip turns into more of an adventure!

8. Why is this the Valco Baby triple stroller option so popular?

Valco Baby is known to have one of the most practical options for toting around three children.  The "double" wide triple strollers (Tri Mode Duo X or Zee Two) are the only way Moms & Dads with 3 young children can maneuver their children practically and easily wherever they need to go - through standard doorways, shopping aisles or bumpy trails. These Double Strollers easily converted to a Triple Stroller by connecting a 3rd child Toddler Seat to the front of the stroller. The Toddler 'Captain' seat is a comfortable seat for your toddler while allowing ample room and visibility for the kids in the rear of the stroller.

9. What is the best age configuration for the double stroller & toddler seat?

Our Double/Triple strollers can accomodate most configurations of young children. It is commonly used for newborn twins & a toddler, newborn and twin todders or three little ones under three/four years of age. The seats of the stroller are infant compatible, come with infant head support included and can be used from birth and beyond (up to 45lbs). The 3rd seat - Toddler Seat -  can be used from about 6 months and beyond.

We do get alot of interest from parents of Triplets who so appreciate the convenience of having a "double" wide triple stroller that they will choose to use the stroller seats for two of their babies and babywear or use an alternate stroller for the third baby until they are old enough to sit up in the Toddler Seat. 

10. Can the Valco Baby toddler seat be attached to ANY stroller?

The Toddler Seat can only be attached to the stroller it has been made for. Each Valco Baby Toddler Seat corresponds to a different specific stroller and is perfectly tailored to fit each and comply to all necessary safety standards. The Toddler Seat is created to "click" into the front bar housings and cannot be secured any other way.

11. Can I use the infant car seat adaptor and the toddler seat at the same time?

Unfortunately you cannot; the fitting system located on the frame is used for both the Toddler Seat & the Car Seat Adapter. The good news is, the stroller seats themselves can be used for infants and a car seat adapter is not an absolute neccessity.

12. What are pneumatic and tubeless tires and what which one do I want?

Selecting the most appropriate tires is an important choice to consider when purchasing a stroller.

Firstly pneumatic tires are just like bicycle tires, they are full of air and have an inner tube.The benefit of pneumatic tires is that the air adds suspension, creating a superior ride and enhancing the experience of the parent and child. Pneumatic tires are always going to add weight to the stroller - but for an 'All Terrain' lifestyle it might be a worhty weight. However if these tires are not imperative to your lifestyle and concern about possible punctures (just like a bike!) is at the top of your list, tubeless tires might be the way to go.

Valco Baby Models with Pneumatic Tires: Tri Mode Series & Upgradeable Pneumatic Tires Available for the Snap Range. 

Tubeless tires are solid and do not have air inside them. The benefit of tubeless tyres is that they will never puncture or deflate because they are solid. Another benefit is for tubeless is that they are lighter in weight than pneumatic.

Valco Baby Models with Tubeless Tires: Snap, Snap4, Snap Ultra, Snap Duo, Zee & Zee Two.

13. Can I jog with any stroller?

In general, if a stroller has Pneumatic Tires and is designed with a 'lockable' front wheel in a fixed position it can be used for light to moderate jogging.

Please note however, that you should consult with your pediatrician about a suitable age to start jogging with a newborn.

14. Do I need a Travel System in addition to my stroller?

No, for nearly all of our stroller we offer a Travel/ Car Seat Adapter option for your convenience.

All of our Single Strollers can be used with a Car Seat and easily stored in the Car to use for quick trips in and out of stores. Some of our stroller are so lightweight that using the Adapter is the perfect option for plane or car travel where a car seat is neccessary. 

All of our Double Stroller have the capability to take one car seat to conveniently use with your newborn and older child. 

Most of our adapters can be easily removed with the press of buttons to fold the stroller.

Looking for a stroller that can fold with the adapter attached? The Snap4 Stroller with Maxi Cosi/Cybex/Nuna adapter can do that. The Snap Ultra (with seat removed) can also fold with any adapter attached (it only weighs 11lbs in this configuration and is the perfect travel companion!) 

15. What is a "Universal" Accessory?

We have a range of Accessories that we refer to as having a "Universal Fit". Obviously we cannot test these accessories on every product in the market but if we refer to something as "Universal" it means that it is a very flexible product with various configurations and/or felxibility to work with 'most' products on the market.

Some of our Universal Accessories include: Universal & Bevi Cup Holders, Hitchhiker Standing Board and All Sorts Seat Pad & Head Hugger Set.

16. Where can I purchase accessories or parts for older models?

Parts and older accessories are sold through Valco Baby directly. You can email info@valcobaby.com to receive a list of currently available parts and prices.

17. Are the products covered by Warranty and how do I repair my stroller if need be?

The Valco Baby warranty covers products for up to a year from manufacturers' defects. However, it does not cover damage that is a result of normal wear and tear, misuse or accidents or is outside the warranty period. In the event that a product is not covered by the warranty, and/or has to be sent into our repair center, it is the owner’s responsibility to cover the shipping charges and cost of repair.

Read the Full Warranty Policy here

18. I live outside the USA but purchased my stroller in the USA. Is my stroller still covered under Warranty?

The Valco Baby stroller warranty only applies in the country in which the stroller is purchased. If you live outside the USA and purchased from a US based retailer and have a warranty issue, you would be responsible for the shipping charges to and from the USA.

19. Is every single Valco Baby product covered under warranty no matter where or when it was purchased?

Strollers purchased from an authorized retailer following guidelines outlined by Valco Baby are covered under warranty for one year. If you are not sure whether a store is authorized or not, just give us a call to check. Warranties on strollers purchased from unauthorized retailers are null and void and all repairs or service issues are subject to charge.