Easily convert your Tri Mode or Zee to a pram by adding the bassinet. It’s a great alternative to using the car seat. The bassinet allows a baby to lay flat and have room to move around. The added sit up feature allows baby to sit up in the bassinet and take in the world around them extending the period of time you can use it. When it is time to stop using it and move into stroller mode, simply take off the bassinet and put the fabric back on the frame and you’re ready to stroll.

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See the World
Zee Bassinet

Bells and Whistles

The bassinet includes padded washable mattress cover, rain cover, bug net, and boot cover

Instant Mobility

The convenient carry handle and light weight construction allows for easy removal to take the Bassinet wherever you go!

Air Conditioning?

The extended air flow system provides extra air flow and comfort for your child to enjoy a good rest.

Within reach

Zippered storage pouch at front of bassinet provides a perfect place to put things you need to get in a hurry.

30"Bassinette Length
13"Bassinette Width
16"Bassinette Height

For the home

Sturdy fold up aluminum stand for bassinet while at home. Perfect for having baby in your room for those late night feeds

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Expand your stroller!

Compatible with both single and twin models as well as being universal to many other strollers

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Drinks Anyone?

Fits on most strollers, but also accommodates just about any size drink container.

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A stylish, reversible lightweight ride that doesn't sacrifice on features or push.

In and out of the car or just getting around town, this stroller will get you wherever you need to go in a 'Snap'

The under 15lbs Snap4 sets the benchmark for comfort, maneuverability & portability in compact strollers.

A luxurious and comfortable ride for two or even three in a NEW style!

The Zee TWO combines the ease of a lightweight stroller with the ride of an all terrain in a sleek side by side package.

The Zee is a full featured, lightweight stroller that pushes like a dream. Already drooling?

An effortless solution for traveling, picnics and visiting friends.

From newborn to the toddler years, this stroller will be there to see you through.

Convert the Tri Mode/Matrix/Zee to a Pram; it’s the perfect way to stroll with your newborn.

A luxurious and comfortable ride for two or maybe even three!

Affordable and smooth, what more could you ask for?

The Princess & Amy Doll Strollers are the perfect play accessory for your children.

A highchair with a fold that's out of this world!

Wrap your baby in warmth and comfort with the ultra warm fleece Footmuff.



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